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Freshwater Angelfish
of Uncompromising Quality
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Mellow Aquatics offers outstanding varieties of freshwater angelfish to tropical fish hobbyists and angelfish breeders searching for the highest quality available. We raise healthy, robust, anatomically superior angels from eggs in our hatchery and deliver straight to your front door.

Years of selective breeding have given birth to many new exciting varieties including Orange Koi and Blue Platinum. Orange Koi are angels with rich orange and red-orange coloration. Blue Platinums are angels with blue pigmentation, appearing irridescent in the fins and scales.

Our photography studio allows us to offer WYSIWYGs (What You See Is What You Get) which are pics of the fish you'll actually receive. WYSIWYGs are offered as Singles and Groups and sometimes as Breeders.

Customers often tell us their Angels look better than the pics, but should a problem
arise please email us.